The origins of Chaccour Agricultural Company traces back to 1919, the year a family owned corporation specialized in the general trading of various industrial and agricultural commodities was established in Damascus as Chaccour Frères by Khalil and Emile Chaccour. 

Chaccour Frères undertook an export business of locally produced commodities such as dried apricot paste, aromatic & medicinal seeds, and the import of general agricultural chemicals. Among these products were the fungicide used as seed treatment H.C.B 20%, the soil pesticide B.H.C 6%, and Bordeaux mixture used as a broad spectrum fungicide. Chaccour Frères stood out as a prominent Syrian agricultural company since then.

Chaccour Freres
Emile Cjaccour 1940
Nicolas Chaccour 1985

By the mid-1970s, as Syrian demographics expanded and food self-sufficiency policies were adopted by the government, the agricultural sector witnessed a boost in investment and adoption of modern techniques. The market demand for more specialized and efficient pesticides and fertilizers grew significantly.

Chaccour Frères started consequently in 1974 the import and distribution of high-end agricultural pesticides and fertilizers on a large scale. The success of this venture led to the establishment of Chaccour Agricultural Company in 1978 by Nicolas Chaccour.

Who we are

Since its establishment, Chaccour Agricultural Company remains an independent family corporation managed by its founder Nicolas Chaccour and has extended its activities through third generation family members. We represent major multinational companies, offer a wide range of crop protection products, agricultural fertilizers and hybrid vegetable seeds. Full coverage of the Syrian agricultural market is ensured through an extensive distribution network and a strong sales and technical team, making us a leading Syrian agricultural company.


We believe that understanding the various challenges that the Syrian agriculture sector is undergoing is of an utmost urgency. Climatic change, water scarcity, soil salinity, soil-borne pests and diseases, increased pesticide resistance, residual pesticide levels in harvested crops, food security and quality are all real and serious issues to be concerned for.

Chaccour Agricultural Company has always been dedicated to offer a high standard of quality products and a professional technical follow-up to agricultural retailers and farmers and as a socially and environmentally aware company, we continuously strive to offer products safe to the environment and the consumer in order to build a solid platform for a sustainable Syrian agriculture.

Chaccour agri office